Prof António Borralho no ProPEd Uerj

Prof. Antonio Manuel Águas Borralho is Educational Assessment scholar of the Pedagogy and Education Department at Center for Research in Education and Psychology, University of Évora (Education). He was in Brazil from September 17 to 25, 2022, for activities associated with the Research Line “Discipline Matrix: subjects of knowledge and culture”, at ProPEd/Uerj. Prof. Borralho gave a lecture titled Teacher Assessment and Training, participated in meetings with researchers from the aforementioned research line, and joined research and academic activities associated with the discipline “Discipline Matrix, Assessment and Teacher Training”, which is coordinated by Professors Isabel Ortigão and Talita Vidal. The aforementioned activities were a great opportunity – provided by Capes PrInt – to exchange ideas and to develop research networks in educational assessment.

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