New curricular proposals: the vision of tutors

Marking the socio-political and educational current context, this research project attempts to investigate the ways in which are meant, re-signified, evaluated, designed, recontextualized by the teachers of an elementary public school of Rio de Janeiro city the new curricular proposals. In this context, it is understood the existence of particular forms of translation/recontextualization of curricular policies and the possibility of an ethnographic feature study observing the ways how these are effective in a specific pedagogical environment. In other words, this project draws as a search of directions that are being built by the teachers regarding new policies undertaken in the field of school education, as well as the observation of the movements of welcome of the new proposals and/or disputes, negotiations and reinterpretations, which have been carried out by the active subjects of school life and assets in what is reflected in the speech of the teacher. Thus, in view of what was stated, this study will have the basic objectives the note next to the teachers of an elementary school of the public net of Rio de Janeiro Municipality of what is stated as a speech about the new curricular proposals; examine how the teachers of the school, which will be the field of research, interpret/recontextualize these new policies; analyze the ways in which relations are established among the teachers-subjects of this investigation – and the various administrative levels of school education and the discourse produced in this respect; focus on the mechanisms used by the teachers of the school, which will be the locus of this research, to articulate their traditions and local cultures with what is proposed by the curriculum policies and its forms of translation and recontextualization. The positions and conceptions of the teachers on teaching/learning and school evaluation; their pedagogical practices; the strategies used by these professionals to dialogue with the news coming from the City Department of Education; and the teacher’s speeches circulating in school, will be, therefore, placed as the central focus of this ethnographic study.

Keywords: Curricular Policies, Teaching Discourse, Curricular Proposals and Pedagogical Practice

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Período: 2012 a 2014

Coordenador(es): Maria de Lourdes Rangel Tura

Equipe: Fernando Corrêa de Macedo ● José de Inocencio Narciso Cossa ● Luciana Velloso da Silva Seixas ● Maria Lucia de Souza e Mello ● Mariana da Gama Leite Inácio ● Marize Peixoto da Silva Figueiredo ● Talita Vidal Pereira ● Tania de Assis Souza Granja ● Teresa Cristina Oliveira Araujo ● Verônica Martins de Andrade ● Zacarias Marinho ●

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