The challenges of teaching and learning in a time of cultural plurality

This research project, involving the field of cultural studies in education, investigates new challenges of teaching and learning, at a time of intense sociocultural transformations. It is set in a sociopolitical context in which the continuation of children and teenagers in Primary Education is still very fraught with issues involving teaching and learning and in a sociocultural environment in which cultural differences are closely related to differences of scholastic opportunities and exclusion processes. Along this line of research, the basic questions, which provide the grounds for that investigation are condensed around the teachers’ vision of the process of teaching and learning; of the relationship between the set of meanings and senses attributed by the teachers when teaching and learning, the ways of transmitting scholastic knowledges and the expectations of the students appropriating them; of the consequences for the teaching and learning process of the tensions and displacements between what was traditionally proposed as the materials of the school program and the new codes, contents, technologies and meanings emerging from the specific transformations of the social organizations at the current moment and of the particular cultures of the student body; of the way they implement with educative practice the proposals and deliberations coming from the Education Departments, as well as of the local or national processes for evaluating scholastic learning; of what has been published in the press regarding student learning and of teaching work in Primary Education and of the impact of those texts on pedagogic practices. The teachers will be the central subjects of this investigation. There is also a macro space of the civil sphere, which will be investigated by surveying news in Rio de Janeiro’s highest circulation newspapers.

Período: 2004 a 2006

Coordenador(es): Maria de Lourdes Rangel Tura

Equipe: Luciana Velloso da Silva Seixas ● Maria Lucia de Souza e Mello ● Milene do Nascimento Moreira ● Monica Andrade do Nascimento ● Teresa Cristina Oliveira Araujo ● Thais Vianna Maia ●

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