Articulation in Curriculum Policies: The Case of The Sciences in High School Teaching

This project investigates articulation (Laclau) between educational demands, in order to understand the formation of hegemonies in curriculum policies. The focus is on curriculum policies for the Sciences area in high school teaching in Rio de Janeiro, analyzing curricular documents circulating in the State of Rio since the National Education Guidelines & Bases Act, in 1996. While policies are not disassociated from practices (Ball), the focus in the curricular documents does not mean disregarding the meanings of the practices in schools. We consider that such meanings are hybridized (Canclini and Hall) to the other meanings under dispute in the contexts of policies production and, therefore, as also expressed in the curricular proposals. We analyze the processes of articulation between demands of the instrumental perspectives, of viewpoints of the constructivists and of those that valorize the centrality of the work in the curriculum policies, considering that process as evidenced particularly in policies for high school science teaching. We maintain that this articulation envisages hegemonizing a common culture project which is opposed to what is understood as the traditional curriculum. That traditional curriculum, in its turn, is considered to be out of step with what is projected as a world undergoing change. Consequently, those policies become attuned to the demands of broader curriculum policies, favoring their legitimation. As part of that project, the group is researching curriculum policies in the most varying teaching systems and levels, concentrating on different disciplines and institutions.

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Período: 2008 a 2011

Coordenador(es): Alice Casimiro Lopes

Equipe: Aline de Almeida Martinelli ● Camila Costa Gigante ● Daiana Fernanda Mendonça ● Érika Virgílio Rodrigues da Cunha ● Flávia de Mattos Giovannini Busnardo ● Hugo Heleno Camilo Costa ● Jose Cosme Drumond ● Josefina Carmen Diaz de Mello ● Maria Eugênia Cubas Echauri ● Rosanne Evangelista Dias ● Rozana Gomes de Abreu ● Soledad Andrea Casttilho Trittini ● Tania Maria de Lima Beraldo ●

Outros financiamentos: CNPq / Faperj / UERJ
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